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Being a simple user or a developer, you may find information in the documentation part of this site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please send us a note we will make our best to improve the documentation to cover your needs.

Mailing lists

Please use mailing list instead of direct private mail. This way all the community will be able to benefit for the exchanges. There is no dummy question : if you’re thinking of it, sure someone else also have it in mind...

To prevent spamming, only members of the list can post message. Other members can also post, but are subject to moderation.

For now, the only mailing list existing is saoscope-users, a general purpose list. (Subscribe / Manage subscription).


3 forums are available for now :

  • Help : for any question regarding help on saoscope usage
  • Developers : for any question regarding development of Saoscope (here)
  • Open Discussion : for any question that not fit in previous categories
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