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* What is it ?

Saoscope is born from a very simple idea : when you want to write a simple web interface to publish dynamic data, you spend lot of your precious time on writing html forms, validating data inputed by the user, querying information from database, formating output, ... and for each page you write, the same kind of code has to be rewritten.

Saoscope aims at simplifying this situation. Its goal is to allow you to design such portal without having to deal with the boring part. It has been written to :

  • Minimum technical skills: creation and extention of portal just by pushing xml files
  • Quick: no time to loose on boring development

* How it works ?

The concept of Saoscope is pretty simple : you define the data you want to display in a xml file, and then call the proper method of Saoscope php Api with the name of your file. This let you all the freedom to write the web page you want, and include the data part precisely where you want.

The method invocation will automatically parse GET and POST parameters to check if user input have been provided. If yes, the data is queried and displayed to the page, if not a form is inputed for the user to enter its values.

* Features

Saoscope deal with the following part of the job :

  • generating a form to ask data from the user
  • validating the data sent by the user
  • querying a database to get data, according to the information gotten from user
  • display the data in HTML

* Requirement

As Saoscope is a PHP API, your web server need to support PHP 5 minimum. No other plugins are needed to run the core of Saoscope, but depending on which plugins you will use (what kind of database for exemple), you may need other dependencies.

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